On March 21, the Catholic League formally wrote to all 100 U.S. senators asking them to support Senate Resolution #87: introduced by Senator Bob Smith of New Hampshire, the resolution supports the current status of the Holy See at the U.N. and denounces the anti-Catholic campaign to unseat it.

“As you know,” William Donohue said, “the Holy See has an internationally recognized legal position and a diplomatic history that is 1,600 years old. The Holy See has formal diplomatic relations with 169 nations, including the United States. It also maintains 179 permanent diplomatic missions and has had Permanent Observer status at the United Nations for over 36 years. The Holy See has been an active participant in United Nations activities since 1946. Unlike other small states, the Holy See does not possess a vote in the General Assembly.”

To emphasize the particular role of the Catholic League in this issue, Donohue outlined for the senators what was driving the anti-Catholic campaign. He said it was being led by “Catholics for a Free Choice, a pro-abortion advocacy organization that has no relationship to the Catholic Church and no definable membership. It has aligned itself with fringe groups such as American Atheists, Inc., the American Humanist Association, Atheists United, and something called ‘Dirty Dirt & and The Dirts’ in this attack on the Holy See.”

While the anti-Catholic campaign is not likely to succeed, the Catholic League is taking no chances. This is an issue that we are determined to fight to the finish. It will resurface in June when the U.N. holds its Beijing + 5 Women 2000 conference.

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