Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments today as follows:

“It is simply wrong to maintain that the sensitivity police want to scrub society clean of all vestiges of religion. As the following examples demonstrate, Christianity is their real target.”

· A spokesman explained that the reason K-Mart forbids calling Christmas trees Christmas trees is because “we do not want to offend any of our associates.” So they are dubbed “Holiday Trees.”

· A staff member at North Seattle Community College was berated for discussing “Christmas cookies” in an e-mail.

· Menorahs are called menorahs—not candelabra—at LSU, but Christmas trees are called “Holiday Trees.”

· Hanukkah and the Islamic holy day Eid al-Adha are mentioned in the school calendar of the Spokane Public Schools, but Christmas is not.

· Minutes after a “Giving Tree” was displayed at a school in Leominster, Massachusetts, some parents complained and it was immediately taken down.

· A Christmas tree was taken down after a faculty member complained at Missouri State University, but was later restored. No one complained about the menorah.

· A miniature nativity scene was removed from the main lobby of CentraState Medical Center in New Jersey, but was later restored. No one complained about the menorah.

· Hanukkah is celebrated at Harvard, but not Christmas. A giant menorah sits in Harvard Yard but there is not a nativity scene in sight.

· Pembroke Lakes Mall in South Florida displays a 5-foot-tall menorah but all nativity scenes have been censored.

Donohue concludes as follows: “In Israel there are menorahs aplenty. And in the Muslim nations, stars and crescents are displayed. So why is it that in a nation that is overwhelmingly Christian, manger scenes are banned but Jewish and Muslim symbols are not? There is something sick going on.”

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