iHsKUsEi_7EgBill Donohue comments on the latest revelations regarding New York City Controller-candidate Scott Stringer:

The New York Post reports today that Scott Stringer initially voted against Megan’s Law, the registry that tracks convicted sex offenders once they leave prison; he later voted for it. He said his vote against the law was fear that sex offenders would be driven underground. No one believes him, and with good reason: Stringer has a history of defending sex offenders.

Yesterday, I wrote an open letter to Scott Stringer asking him to come clean and tell New Yorkers the real reason why he voted to retain the tax-exempt status of Zymurgy, an affiliate of the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA); the organization, now defunct, promoted child rape. Stringer is hiding behind a bogus legal argument.

Stringer’s sexual baggage doesn’t end here. Tomorrow, I will unveil my own research on him. Stay tuned.

Want to know why I won’t let up on Stringer? Because I am sick and tired with New York elites who continue to bash the Catholic Church for the crimes of a small band of rotten priests while supporting the rights of sex offenders.

Contact Stringer: bp@manhattanbp.org

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