Catholic League president William Donohue issued the following news release today on the Terri Schiavo case:

“Mention Terri Schiavo to left-wing Christians and feminists and immediately they panic.  That’s because they find it impossible to think about euthanasia without first thinking about abortion.  And anything that might jeopardize their precious right to abort a child must be resisted at all cost.  Tragically, as this case has revealed, even when the specter of domestic violence is raised, it is not enough to get the ‘pro-women’ advocates to take Terri’s side.  Consider the following.

“The most left-wing Catholic publications in the nation are the National Catholic Reporter and Commonweal.  Neither is on Terri’s side, and both have taken positions on euthanasia that are directly contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church.  Similarly, Pax Christi, the nation’s leading Catholic pacifist organization, is outraged over the condition of health care, but it has nothing to say about the condition of Terri’s health.   Those looking for wisdom about this issue from the Catholic Theological Society of America had better look elsewhere: it’s too busy defending the non-Catholic teachings of a so-called Catholic theologian whom the Vatican recently disciplined.  Catholics Speak Out and Catholics for a Free Choice are both dissident groups whose latest musings involve women’s ordination and a condemnation of the Vatican; neither has spoken to the Schiavo case.  Among Protestants, the National Council of Churches has been predictably silent on this issue, preferring to opine on the ‘immorality’ of the federal budget.

“The latest issue for the Feminist Majority is not why the police didn’t pursue a homicide investigation against Michael Schiavo—even though a police report listed homicide the night they found Terri.  No, their latest issue is the need to tell young girls that abstinence doesn’t work.  Meanwhile, the National Organization for Women is too busy celebrating gay marriage to be worried about a woman whose cheating husband allegedly asked Terri’s nurses, ‘When is that bitch gonna die?’”

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