October 18 – Scotland Yard is hot on the trail of Jimmy Savile’s victims, and there appears to be no end to them. Not only are the top cops pursuing 340 inquiries, dating back to 1959, they are being assisted by 14 other police agencies. Savile, the celebrity BBC icon, was not only a child rapist, he was known for groping women on the air. Indeed, he may even have had sex with the dead.

An investigation by Stoke Mandeville Hospital, where Savile allegedly abused disabled youths is probing his “unaccompanied mortuary visits.” They have reason to do so.

In 1990, Savile admitted he liked hanging around Buckinghamshire Hospital in the wee hours of the morning. He said in a Q magazine interview that he took great pleasure being alone with the dead. “One of my jobs is to take away the deceased. You can look after somebody, be alone with somebody, who has lived a whole lifetime, and I’m just saying goodbye.”

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