Bill Donohue comments on the surge in Satanism:

In a world where Christians are routinely being murdered and raped in the name of God, even non-believers must be curious about the rise of Satanism. Here at home we are also witnessing a surge in Satanic attacks.

Until two years ago, Satanists were never bothered by the presence of a menorah on public property in Tallahassee. But when Christians decided to erect a nativity scene at the Florida state Capitol, they went wild: they succeeded in getting a Satanic display on state grounds. Though neither Christians nor Satanists are displaying their symbols in the Capitol rotunda this year, Satanists have put Christians on warning: if you dare to erect a crèche, we will counter with our own display.

This weekend, the Satanic Temple of Detroit will perform a “Satanic ceremony” in Lansing, on the grounds of Michigan’s Capitol. Its demonic statement is being made to counter a nativity scene.

On Christmas Eve, a Satanist and registered sex offender, Adam Daniels, pledges to pour blood over a Virgin Mary statue in front of a Catholic church in Oklahoma City. He admits that his display, “Virgin Birth is a Lie,” is aimed at the Catholic Church.

There is nary a word of condemnation about these events. If anything, media reports have been kind. Take CNN: on December 13 it aired a very sympathetic show on Satanism. It even allowed an un-named mother—she is a Satanist—to blame Christianity for her gay son’s suicide, providing no evidence whatsoever. Worse, she was enticed by reporter Lisa Ling to do so. “Do you blame the church?” “Oh, yes, absolutely,” the Satanist said.

On Thanksgiving Day, Jex Blackmore, the national spokesman for The Satanic Temple, poisoned her child, in utero, and then posted a blog bragging about her abortion. This is the face of Satanism that the media refuses to profile.

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