Bill Donohue comments on Sarah Silverman’s latest outrage:

Sarah Silverman, the foul-mouthed, anti-Catholic bigot, is at it again. On Christmas morning, she tweeted, “Merry Christmas! Jesus was gender fluid.” Thus did she use the celebration of our Lord’s birth to mock Christian beliefs about marriage, family and human sexuality.

Silverman has a long history of exploiting Jesus and attacking Catholics. And it is not the first time that she has hijacked a sacred season to do so. Last February she took aim at our observance of Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent, tweeting, “I never noticed this until today—Christians have filthy foreheads.”

Early last year, she acted out a skit in which Jesus was portrayed endorsing abortion, describing himself as “Jesus F***ing Christ,” and referring to Silverman as “a good little Jewish girl” as he rubs her sexually.  Previously, she defamed Pope Benedict XVI as having had “involvement in the Holocaust.” And back in 2007, she portrayed herself having sex with God.

Silverman’s perversions would be her own problem if she kept them to herself. But when she insists on shoving them in our faces—especially during some of the holiest times in our calendar—Christians must be outspoken in their condemnation of her sick behavior.

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