sarah-silverman-supports-marriage-equalityBill Donohue comments on a video posted two days ago on YouTube by Sarah Silverman:

Sarah Silverman is a champion of abortion rights, but that hardly makes her a bigot. What makes her an anti-Christian bigot is her video that features her talking to a Jesus character about abortion. The language she uses is so vulgar—she ends with the “c” word about women—that it cannot be repeated on broadcast television, or republished in any respectable newspaper.

Silverman exploits Christianity by hijacking Jesus in support of killing kids in the womb: he is shown making fun of unborn babies, saying “fertilized eggs aren’t people. People are people.” He also announces that he is, “Jesus F***ing Christ.”

Christians who are pro-life, Silverman says, are un-American. She says that “using religion to dictate legislation is un-American.”

Toward the end of the video, the Jesus character is shown rubbing her while they are sitting on a couch. She says, “Oh, that’s my spot.” To which he replies, “I know where your spot is…that’s a good little Jewish girl.”

I expect most Jews will not be too thrilled with the remark about being a “good little Jewish girl.” It would be great if Jewish leaders spoke up about this taunt: If a Catholic girl trashed Jews, branding them un-American for dictating their pro-abortion values on society, and closed with a quip about being “a good little Catholic girl,” we would hear about it. Silverman is not being comedic: this is hate speech with a smile.

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