The politically correct police are always out in force during the Christmas season, and this year they made an early splash in Marshfield, Massachusetts and Montgomery County, Maryland.

In Marshfield, the School Committee decided it would not listen to its constituency: it voted 3-2 against changing “Holiday Break” back to “Christmas Break.” Though hundreds protested, the elites said that the phrase “Christmas Break” was too “archaic” for the 21st century.

Almost everyone in Montgomery County, Maryland likes it when religious holidays for Christians and Jews are recognized as such in their schools. But after Muslims complained that their religious holidays were not being observed, the School Board voted to punish everyone equally: all mention of religious holidays were deleted. Even the Muslims protested that this was not their intention.

Efforts to toy with Christmas took a different course when Dillard’s, a department store chain, decided to pull a sign in the little girl’s department that read, “Dear Santa: This year please give me a big fat bank account and a slim body. Please don’t mix those two up like you did last year. Thanks.”

We can’t help note that while efforts to neuter Christmas are ongoing here, in Communist Cuba they recently approved the construction of the first Catholic Church to be built in 55 years; it being funded by Cubans from Tampa, Florida.

In the next edition of Catalyst we will report on the latest attempts to sanitize Santa.

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