The Catholic League strategy to crush Samantha Bee’s TBS show, ”Full Frontal,” is paying big dividends. As a direct result of our efforts, four major advertisers have discontinued advertising on her show: Verizon, Procter and Gamble (P&G), Wendy’s, and Ashley HomeStore.

This is a credit to all of those on our email list who contacted officials at each of the companies asking them to pull their ads.

For us, the controversy began long before Bee used an incredibly obscene word to describe the president’s daughter; her filthy outburst happened on her May 30 show.

We have been at war with Bee for years. It has gotten so bad that she once condemned Bill Donohue—flashing a picture of him on the screen. She distorted what he said so she could set up her assault.

Bee has attacked Jesus, Our Blessed Mother, Pope Francis, the College of Cardinals, bishops, priests, Catholic hospitals, and the Catholic League. Yet she remains in good standing with Turner Broadcasting, the parent company of TBS.

Perversely, the day after Bee made her vile comment about Ivanka Trump she was given an award by the Television Academy for bringing about “social change.” She sure has—she has contributed mightily to the degradation of our society.

Following her May 30 show, many of the companies that advertised on that show did not do so on her next show, June 6. Among the more prominent companies that did were Verizon and P&G. That’s when we decided to enlist our supporters asking them to email an official whose address we supplied. Donohue also wrote to the CEOs of both companies.

We were delighted to learn that neither company advertised on Bee’s show of June 13; Verizon even called us about this matter. But we noticed that her show picked up the sponsorship of Wendy’s. So we targeted the hamburger chain.

We were elated when Wendy’s did not advertise on Bee’s show of June 20. Then we set our sights on Ashley HomeStore. Within a few hours, an official from the furniture store called to say they were pulling their ads. He did not mince words. This explains why Donohue called on Catholics to patronize the store.

They ran a previous episode on June 27, and they are airing re-runs on July 4 and July 11; these shows rely on previous advertisers. Therefore, the next test is July 18: New advertisers will air on this new episode.

No reputable company should ever be associated with Samantha Bee’s show. Let’s see what happens July 18.

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