Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on last night’s edition of “Full Frontal,” starring Samantha Bee:

Samantha Bee has a record of bashing Catholicism, so her stunt last night was not surprising. But she went beyond her usual vile quips when she trashed Jesus and Our Blessed Mother.

Bee began by discussing Roy Moore and a foul remark made by one of his supporters, Jim Zeigler. Zeigler implied that Moore’s encounters with minors was no different from Jesus’ parents having sex. Bee then seized upon this to make her anti-Catholic assault.

While displaying a photo of a Catholic school girl gazing at Jesus, Bee said, “Oh, come on! I may be a dirty liberal now, but I went to Catholic school. Even I know the Bible says my teenage crush, sexy buff Jesus, was an Immaculate Conception.”

This is the third attack on Catholicism this past week by media outlets owned by Time Warner. I will have more to say about this today.

Contact Bee’s publicity chief, Irving Der:

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