Bill Donohue comments on Samantha Bee’s monologue on the Orlando killings:

She is being heralded as some kind of Minister of Love, when, in fact, she is best known for promoting hatred. After the ISIS-inspired Muslim madman killed 49 homosexuals in Orlando, TV celebrity Samantha Bee launched into a lengthy rant “about how love wins, about how love conquers hate.” Here are some examples of her love for Catholics.

In February, Bee obscenely ridiculed St. Louis Archbishop Robert Carlson for raising concerns about the pro-abortion ties of the Girl Scouts. She attacked him for not being the “best person to judge what you do with your body,” instructing him that “if you don’t want girls getting knocked up, and you won’t let them have contraception, you better teach the Boy Scouts to use some of those fancy knots on their d****.”

When cardinals assembled to elect a new pope in 2013, Bee called the gathering a “grope,” likening it to a “molestation,” saying that the process was not complete until the cardinals reached a “fellatio,” or an “oral consensus” culminating in “white smoke rising from the chimney.”

In 2010, Bee told NPR that she went to a Catholic school [her father is an atheist and her mother practices Wicca] but it “didn’t have big gory Jesuses everywhere….you couldn’t see the blood dripping from the wounds.” She boasted that she had “a crush on Jesus,” and that “he was designed that way for young girls to find him sexy and attractive.” When asked what it is like to mock Catholicism, she said, “That is pure pleasure for me.”

So this is how the Minister of Love shows her affection for Catholics. Yet she expects us to believe that she is sincere when she spews empty platitudes of love for others. If she now wants to pivot, let her say something loving about Catholics, treating us as if we were Muslims.

Contact Bee’s publicist, Brad Bernstein:

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