Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on the reaction to Samantha Bee’s obscene remark:

There are feminists who are principled in their objections to sexism, but when it comes to those who have a public profile, there are very few of them. Most of those feminists put their love for abortion above all else. In this regard, Samantha Bee is a model feminist.

The National Organization for Women issued a strong rebuke to Bill O’Reilly when it was alleged that he sexually harassed women. It has said nothing about Bee’s crude and sexist remark about Ivanka Trump. Instead of addressing this issue, the first post on the “pro-women” website is an attack on a woman being considered for the federal bench! That’s because Wendy Vitter is pro-life.

The Feminist Majority Foundation has also gone mute on Bee. The first post on its website is a call for immigrant teenagers to have access to abortion.

Bee was given an award last night at the Television Academy Honors ceremony. She was hailed as a model #MeToo feminist who bravely stands up to predatory men.

Evidently the Hollywood community is unable to connect the dots: When model feminists such as Bee reduce women to their anatomy—in the most vulgar of terms—they invite irresponsible men to think of women as raw meat. In other words, she was honored for combating the problem she helps to promote.

As liberals are wont to do, the leaders of the Hollywood event censored the awards ceremony: the press corps was disinvited from covering it.

There were leaks, however, among them the report by Deadline that Bee “received laughs and applause from the audience.” Why not? They adore model feminists.

Bee thanked the Turner leadership (TBS had hours to delete her taped comment but refused to do so), saying she appreciated knowing “you always have our back.” Roseanne Barr must wish she worked for TBS.

Samantha Bee and Turner have learned nothing. They will continue to craft a culture that degrades women and then complain when women are degraded. Indeed, they will even give each other awards.

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