Catholic League president Bill Donohue is sending Jay Leno a gift:

Since Jay Leno is so hung up on priestly misconduct, we thought he might want to switch gears a little and try dumping on public school teachers. After all, that’s where sexual misconduct is rampant these days. To this end, we are sending him some great script material, hot off the press.

There is a wonderfully rich story in the news about a New York City public school teacher who was just awarded tenure, even though she has a history of working as a prostitute and school administrators knew about it. Oh, yes, her punishment was to be reassigned to a desk job, one of the favored ways of “passing the trash.” That’s what happens when it costs over $200,000 to pay for an appeal in New York.

If Leno thinks this is anecdotal, we have reams of data that we can share with him, and not just about cases in New York. A few years ago, Dr. Charol Shakeshaft, who did the most authoritative work on this subject, estimated that the degree of sexual abuse in the public schools was 100 times greater than in the Catholic Church. Moreover, while this problem is almost non-existent in the Church today, it is at record-high levels in the public schools.

We’re providing Leno with the script. Now let’s see if he has the guts to use it.

Contact Leno’s executive producer:

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