The Catholic League was asked by the Supreme Court of Wisconsin if we wanted to comment on a reply to our grievance against attorney Rebekah M. Nett. We are seeking to get her, and her attorney client, Naomi Isaccson, disbarred for making incredibly anti-Catholic remarks in the courtroom. Here is an excerpt from our response:

Ms. Nett maintains that “All references made throughout the document to ‘Catholic’ something or another do not necessarily refer to the Catholic religion per se or to being a person who considers him or herself to be of the Catholic religious faith.”

This is a classic example of intellectual dishonesty: there is no other way to interpret Nett’s vicious comments on Catholicism than to see them for what they manifestly are—bigoted assaults on the Roman Catholic religion. Quite frankly, no amount of spin can rescue her at this point. And it hardly helps her cause to rebrand Catholicism a “type of political movement.”

Finally, it is so nice to know that Ms. Nett has Catholic friends. No doubt the Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan has been known to consort with his black buddies.

Our initial grievance stands without emendation. Ms. Nett’s plain words are positive proof of her anti-Catholic bigotry and unsuitability to function as an attorney.

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