Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s re-election speech:

Democrats are good at “reimagining” things. They want us to reimagine the police force, healthcare, the environment, etc. I’d like to reimagine House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s re-election address by offering a mock Q&A.

Q: Madam Speaker, you said you want to thank your VIP’s—your Volunteers in Politics—for giving you “the privilege to represent our city and our San Francisco values in the Congress.”

Could you please explain why such San Francisco values as allowing homeless men to defecate in the streets—your city is known for its “Poop Patrols” (they clean up after their mess)—should be adopted by the Congress?

Q: You said that “When people ask me, ‘What are the three most important issues facing the Congress,’ I always say the same thing: Our children. Our children. Our children.” You added that it is their “health” that matters most.

Could you please explain how you can square the health of children as your top priority with your passionate love for abortion rights? If unborn children are not children, then what are they?

Q: You said that when you first entered the Congress, “In terms of health, my first words on the floor of the House were to fight against HIV/AIDS.”

Could you please explain why your city became such a hotbed for AIDS, and whether San Francisco values had anything to do with it? The Mormons in Salt Lake City didn’t have this problem, and isn’t that because their values are diametrically opposed to yours?

Q: You said that by “Working together we passed the Affordable Care Act.”

Could you please explain why a “devout Catholic” like you is bragging about a bill that sought to sabotage the existence of the Little Sisters of the Poor?

Q: You said that among the most pressing issues we face is, “Educating the next generation to succeed in safe schools with 21st century skills.”

Could you please explain how our schools are expected to be safe when the Democrats are working overtime to undermine school security and law enforcement nationwide? And could you explain how poor African Americans and Hispanics—who desperately want school choice, including an expansion of charter schools—can be expected to succeed when Democrats work to deny them this opportunity?

Q: You end by saying, “Our democracy is at risk because of the assaults on the truth.”

Could you please explain how you can say this with a straight face?  After all, you never tire of telling us that we need to accept as truth the out-and-out lie that males who identify as female are, ipso facto, female.

Q: If you and the Democrats can reimagine the human species, would you please do us a favor and reimagine San Francisco values?

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