The Hollywood-based Recording Musicians Association triggered a response from the Catholic League when it ridiculed the pope in one of its ads. The ad showed a drawing of Pope John Paul II holding a pointer at the inscription, “WHAT WOULD YOU MOTHER SAY if she knew you scored in church?”

Appearing below this is a drawing of a church with the following statement written on it: “Don’t use a deserted church or part-time studio musicians to record important music of YOUR PICTURE.” The ad was designed to encourage prospective audio and video customers to use the services of the organization.

In reply, the league wrote: “There are legitimate ways to advertise any service or product, but the enclosed ad by Recording Musicians Association is not among them. The sexual innuendo is hardly disguised and the use of the Pope in relation to this is highly offensive to Catholics, which is why we have received so many complaints.”

The league requested that the ad be discontinued and is awaiting word from the company.

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