The hatred of the Catholic Church is so deep in some people that they literally can’t stop from bashing the Church any chance they get. For example, there is a travel book called Rome, published by Cadogen, a British publisher, and in it are some surprises.

In this volume by Dana Facaros and Michael Pauls, there is a discussion of Vatican City. But instead of introducing the reader to the history and glory of this nation-state, we get a guided tour of all that is corrupt with the Catholic Church. This not only smacks of bigotry and unprofessionalism, it offers evidence that anti-Catholicism is not at all like any other prejudice: Catholic bashing is something that can surface at any time and in any place.

We wrote to the publisher’s American outlet, Globe Pequot Press, telling them that “If someone had published a book about Israel and made positively disparaging remarks about the nation’s founding and its political history, he would be labeled anti-Semitic.” We hope they got the point.

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