The November 6 episode of the ABC show, “Nothing Sacred,” was an abysmal failure.  With a 4.9 rating/8 share, only three shows on the four major networks did worse: “Nothing Sacred” placed 92th in the rankings.

William Donohue shared these remarks on the latest news:

“Disney/ABC/20th Century Fox are not getting much bang for their bucks with ‘Nothing Sacred.’  Considering that full-page ads have been placed in major newspapers flagging the show, and that promotional spots on ABC  featuring Kevin Anderson continue to run, the dismal results that last week’s episode garnered are not reassuring.  But then again, this show doesn’t live or die by ratings, it lives or dies by Michael Eisner’s pride.

“Those responsible for this show are stuck between a rock and a hard place. If they turn up the heat and make the show more provocative, they run the risk of alienating even more people than they have already.  If they tame the show, and there is evidence that this is happening, then they risk losing the little audience they have.  After all, those who like ‘Nothing Sacred’ like it because it makes them feel good, and what they feel good about is a priest who shows compassion for the poor while thumbing his nose at Church teachings on sexuality.

“The public has made up its mind-it wants ‘Nothing Sacred’ in the tank.  It’s high time Disney/ABC/20th Century gave power to the people and ratified their voice.”

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