Catholic League president William Donohue today discussed the latest wave of vandalized nativity scenes:

“On December 10, we issued a news release documenting 16 instances of nativity scenes that were vandalized nation wide.  Since then, there have been 24 more reported incidents that have come to our attention.  Here is where they occurred: Grand Rapids, Michigan; Costa Mesa, California; Santa Cruz, California; Anchorage, Alaska; Hanover, Pennsylvania; Lansdale, Pennsylvania; Knoxville, Tennessee; Charlotte, North Carolina; Epping, New Hampshire; Tiverton, Massachusetts; Neenah, Wisconsin; Morningside, Iowa; Diamondhead, Mississippi; Maplewood, Minnesota; Baxter County, Arkansas; Murrieta, California; Grand Traverse County, Michigan; Plainfield, New Jersey (2 crèches were vandalized); Volusia County, Florida; Eau Claire, Wisconsin; Princeton, Indiana; Whitman, Massachusetts; Norwalk, Connecticut.

“So what’s going on?  The vandals in Norwalk, Connecticut gave us an idea.  Not only did they thrash a nativity scene, they wrote profanity and drew satanic symbols on one of the figures.  This isn’t the act of some crazy drunks—it is the act of hate-filled persons.

“To think that the raging culture wars aren’t integral to this phenomenon is nonsense.  Our hope is that the guilty get the book thrown at them.”

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