Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on reaction to Rapper “Blac Youngsta” posting a picture of himself on Instagram as Jesus crucified:

We never heard of “Blac Youngsta” before today, and we hope we won’t ever hear about him again, but we are delighted to report that his “Jesus Crucified” stunt—with the caption “Hail Mary Come With Me”—has not gone over big in the blogosphere. Indeed, he is being blasted for mocking Jesus, even to the point of bribing him to take down the picture.

Just recently, we noted how few complained about a Netflix series, “F is for Family,” which was as obscene as it was anti-Catholic. Similarly, Sarah Silverman got off scot free after she made vulgar comments about God. By contrast, Kathy Griffin’s violent depiction of President Trump, and Bill Maher’s racist remark, drew considerable backlash.
It appears that when it comes to insulting Christians, young people, including a large number of African Americans, have higher ethical standards than is true of the high priests of culture.

Maybe the rap crowd can offer sensitivity classes on Christian bashing to the elites. The Catholic League would be happy to underwrite the effort.

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