Rabbi Mordechai Friedman is a raging rabbi from New York who hates lots of people. Lately he has taken aim at the pope and the Catholic League. He spews his venom on public access cable TV because that’s the only media outlet available to him.

Rabbi Friedman has called the pope “a dumb Pollock” and a “stinking old cocker.” He has branded the Catholic League “Nazis” and has referred to William Donohue in terms we’d rather not repeat in print.

As is often the case with extremists, Rabbi Friedman also despises those Jews with whom he disagrees, which is most of them. He once called the murder of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzak Rabin “an act of the Almighty” and more recently said there is cause to “assassinate” the “evil” Senator Joseph Lieberman.

What drove the raging rabbi to attack Donohue again (he did so on March 10) was a letter Donohue sent to him last fall. Here’s what Donohue wrote: “Unlike most rabbis—and unlike most Jews in general—you are a man full of hate. Thus you are a pariah in your own ranks and accordingly do not endanger good relations between Catholics and Jews.” Donohue closed by saying, “Just thought you’d like to know my reaction.”

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