Sister Jean Dolores Schmidt is the well-loved chaplain at Loyola University Chicago, and a rabid sports fan. She was delighted when her school upset the University of Tennessee in the second round of the NCAA basketball tournament.

The victory didn’t sit well with Cody McClure, who hosts a radio show on WKGN-AM, a Knoxville station. He posted a tweet saying, “F*** Sister Jean everyone.” The nun is 98-years-old.

When asked to explain himself, McClure said, “I don’t regret the joke, no I don’t, because it was a joke.” He then went on to lecture those who can’t take a joke anymore.

It wasn’t a joke—it was a cruel and obscene assault on an innocent elderly nun. Moreover, it was clearly meant to harm, not to induce laughter.

When anti-Catholic outbursts such as this happen, there should be a lot more Catholics protesting. It makes us wonder why Catholics are so lame in defense of people like Sister Jean.

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