1292b3d6fe4ce050663e4cb0bc2ff719Bill Donohue comments as follows:

In the past few days, there has been a rash of attacks on the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) from left-wing circles. Led by an extremist pro-abortion website, rhrealitycheck.org, these activists are trying to silence the bishops: the USCCB is fighting for the conscience rights of Catholics against the health care policies of the Obama administration. Noting that the Congress is considering a Continuing Resolution and debt ceiling bill, the bishops, led by Sean Cardinal O’Malley and Archbishop William E. Lori, are seeking to incorporate this right into such “must-pass” legislation.

Adele Stan is leading the pack; she titled her screed, “At Any Cost: How Catholic Bishops Pushed for a Shutdown—and Even a Default—Over Birth Control.” She was supported by colleague Jessica Mason Pieklo, who said, “Catholic Bishops Meddle With Health-Care Benefits.” Elsewhere, Khier Casino chimed in with “USCCB Demands Special Rights On Birth Control.” Ian Millhiser called his thinkprogress.org article, “Catholic Bishops To House: Shut Down the Government Unless We Get Our Way On Birth Control.” Today at dailykos.com, there is a story, “Catholic Bishops Demand Congress Abort U.S. Economy.”

Not only do the bishops have a First Amendment right to freedom of speech and freedom of religion, they are morally obligated to fight any attempt by the state to force Catholics to violate their conscience by funding abortion-inducing drugs.

Stan is unrestrained in her anti-Catholicism. The bishops, she says, want to “block access” to “health care for the masses, food for the hungry, and shelter for the homeless.” Also, “they wouldn’t mind seeing the global economy brought to its knees,” and they continue to discriminate against women. Indeed, “no bishop ever endured the pain, blood, and terror of a life-threatening labor.” Come to think of it, neither did millions of women who chose to abort their kids. Should their voice also be disqualified? What about homosexuals? Would they make the cut?

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