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Rabbi Aryeh Spero passed away on June 25.

Bill Donohue knew him well and worked with him on many projects over the past few decades. He said he was “one of the most brilliant and bravest men I have ever known. Kind and thoughtful, he was a stalwart in the conservative movement. He was also a good friend of Catholics.”

Aryeh was often referred to as “America’s Rabbi.” He founded the Caucus For America, which is “dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the historic and unique American culture and civilization.” He was also the spokesman for the Conference of Jewish Affairs and was a founding Advisory Board Member of CASEPAC.

Bill and Areyh often joined hands fighting left-wing anti-American zealots. They also took on those who were out to trash Catholics and Jews. Aryeh was an activist who never backed down; he could always be counted on to show up at rallies and demonstrations opposing the merchants of hate.

A man like Aryeh doesn’t come around too often. He was an author, an activist, a media personality, and a holy man. He will be sorely missed.

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