Catholics for a Free Choice (CFFC), headed by Frances-the Quisling-Kissling, has been explicitly labeled by American bishops as an inauthentic Catholic organization. But that has not stopped Kissling from lecturing the bishops on how to do their job.

The growing trend of Catholic hospitals merging with secular medical institutions has been the subject of much controversy, as well as much Catholic bashing. But up until now, at least, no one has had the audacity to tell the bishops to put a lid on it. That’s what Kissling wants and she isn’t afraid to say it.

“Health care decisions need to be made based on the best judgment of the physician and the desires of the patient,” says Ms. Kissling. “The bishops,” she adds, “should not get in the middle.” Coming from her, that is indeed remarkable. Kissling has spent a good part of her life trying to get in the middle of honest disagreements among good Catholics, exploiting every opportunity for discord that she can find. Now she seeks to up the ante by proclaiming, Quisling Know Best.

With a straight face, Kissling can say that “There is a wholesale assault on the availability of reproductive health care services within the Catholic sector.” Translated, this means that it’s outrageous that Catholic hospitals don’t kill children. Oh, by the way, lest anyone think that Kissling has been shut out of all Catholic circles, please note that the National Catholic Reporter proudly ran her dishonest pro-contraception ad in its April 10 edition. It blamed the bishops for the high rate of abortions.

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