On April 8, the pages of the Chicago Tribune, author Jason Berry wrote another one of his critical pieces on the Catholic Church (the Trib likes Berry almost as much as theBoston Globe likes James Carroll). Berry is the author of a book about priests and the sexual abuse of children. While no one denies there is a problem, the extent of it is hotly debated. What upsets the Catholic League is not the discussion of this issue, but the extent to which people like Berry get carried away making wild generalizations about the Church.

On April 10, William Donohue wrote Berry a short letter mentioning how Berry had written, “Theologians who question ancient church teachings on sexuality are routinely forced into silence.” Donohue then asked, “Could you please identify who they are, when they were silenced and why?”

While we are awaiting Berry’s response, we couldn’t help wondering whether Berry has ever heard of one of his fellow Chicagoans. His name is Andrew Greeley.

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