The results of a Gallup poll asking the American people how they view some of President Barack Obama’s early decisions are revealing: his lowest support is on the issue of funding abortion. Three of four Americans agree with him on four of the issues asked about, and two-thirds support him on another; there were only two issues where he failed to receive majority approval (the closing of Gitmo and abortion funding).

Only 35 percent of Americans polled said they agreed with Obama on the following issue: “Allowing U.S. funding for overseas family planning organizations that provide abortions.”

Catholic League president Bill Donohue is making sure the Congress knows the voice of the people:

“We are contacting all members of the 111th Congress today notifying them that the American people do not want their money spent on paying for someone’s abortion. This has drastic consequences given the fact that the very day after President Obama approved funding for overseas abortions, he promised to restore U.S. funding of the U.N. Population Fund, a pro-abortion agency. And he has promised to sign the Freedom of Choice Act, the most sweeping and radical abortion-rights legislation ever written.

“The people have spoken. They generally like what Obama is doing so far, but they draw the line on funding abortion. It would behoove him to pay more attention to the American people on this subject and less time listening to the extremists at Planned Parenthood and NARAL.”

Contact your Congressman and Senators.

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