Last month we reported that an effort was underway in San Diego to protest the “Lash Wednesday” segment of the “Dave, Shelly & Chainsaw” show. The segment, which airs on 101 KGB, features callers who “confess” their sins to the Catholic-bashing hosts. Now, due to the work of the San Diego chapter of the league, the heat is being turned up more than ever.

Orchestrated by chapter president Carl Horst, approximately 15,000 postcards were printed and distributed to the 105 parishes in the Diocese of San Diego; the cards sent a message of outrage to the station. According the radio station itself, more than 8,000 cards were received. Just as encouraging was the response of local officials and non-Catholics.

Due to the efforts of a Protestant minister, Rev. Samuel Fous-Mensah, his organization, E.R.A.S.E., was able to persuade the Mayor of El Cajon, and several Council members, to protest the show. They maintained that the “Lash Wednesday” segment was indecent and in violation of F.C.C. regulations.

Thanks to Horst, the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith and the San Diego Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints have also joined the campaign against the show. This brings together Catholics (Catholic League Chapter), African Americans (E.R.A.S.E.), Jews (ADL) and Mormons (Latter Day Saints). Though the show is still airing, it is our hope that this formidable coalition will prevail in the end.

Once again, league members are being asked to notify the program manager. Please write to: Todd Little, 5745 Kearny Villa Road, Suite M, San Diego, CA 92123. If these steps do not prove fruitful, we will deal with the sponsors of the show. It is never humorous to mock our sacraments, especially given the vulgar manner in which it is done on this show.

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