Cultural Meltdown: The Secular Roots of Our Moral Crisis

Cultural Meltdown: The Secular Roots of Our Moral Crisis


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In this incisive work, Bill Donohue pulls no punches as he contends that our moral crisis is a reflection of two competing visions of morality — one religious and the other secular. The former is grounded in our Judeo-Christian tradition, the latter in radical notions of liberty and equality that are tearing us asunder.

Donohue explains how the religious vision acknowledges belief in God, truth, human nature, natural law, moral absolutes, and Original Sin. It understands the limits of the human condition and thus rejects the notion that human perfectibility can be realized on earth. The secular vision believes none of this, and its adherents are bent on destroying the last vestiges of our religious heritage.

Weaving together examples from the earliest centuries to the Enlightenment to modern times, Donohue seamlessly lays out how to restore our moral code so that the mainstreaming of madness is terminated and rolled back.

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