Catholic League president Bill Donohue sent a letter to the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee today requesting an investigation of those responsible for attacks on churches, pro-life activists and crisis pregnancy centers, with a focus on Jane’s Revenge. Here is his letter.

January 30, 2023

Hon. Jim Jordan
Chairman, House Judiciary Committee
2056 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515-3504

Dear Chairman Jordan:

In my role as president of the nation’s largest Catholic civil rights organization, I am asking you to convene an investigation into the reluctance of the Department of Justice and the FBI to pursue those who have engaged in violence against churches, pro-life activists and crisis pregnancy centers.

With the exception of the recent indictment by a federal grand jury of two persons charged with attacks on crisis pregnancy centers, little has been done to prosecute those guilty of such crimes. Indeed, the relaxed response to attacks on those in the pro-life community who have been victimized stands in stark contrast to the aggressive pursuit of the few instances of alleged violations of the law by pro-life Americans.

Last year, I wrote to U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland about this issue, asking for a probe of the multiple attacks on churches and pro-life facilities (see the enclosed). Specifically, I asked the DOJ to focus on Jane’s Revenge. I received no reply.

To assist you in this effort, I am sending a report on Jane’s Revenge that we have done. Thank you for your attention to this matter.


William Donohue, Ph.D.

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