Catholic League president William Donohue spoke today on the status of pro-life and pro-family Democrats:

“Every January 22, pro-life Americans rally in Washington D.C. to protest the infamousRoe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion.  These men and women are drawn from all religions, races and ethnicities, and they form a core base among Republicans and Democrats.  It is also true that support for the traditional understanding of marriage comes from all sectors of American society.  It is sad to note, however, that those Democrats who are pro-life and pro-family are being shunned—even mocked—by the Democratic National Committee.

“There is a group called Democrats for Life in America.  Their goal is to move their party in a pro-life direction.  But they have learned that the party of inclusion excludes them altogether.  In vain have they tried to get the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to provide a link on its website to their organization.  But the DNC has no problem providing a link to a notoriously anti-Catholic group, Catholics for a Free Choice.  The passion for abortion rights is so extreme in the Democratic Party that it will bond with bigots who share its position before ever working with decent men and women of their party who differ with them on this issue.

“To make matters worse, DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe said on January 21 that support for a constitutional amendment that would protect the institution of marriage from being altered by judicial fiat was a ‘mean-spirited measure’ that would ‘insert prejudice and discrimination into the U.S. Constitution.’  In doing so, the DNC has branded pro-family Democrats who support this measure as bigots.

“The effect of these decisions has been to leave pro-life and pro-family Democrats homeless.  They are not drawn to the Republican Party for a whole host of reasons—their natural inclination is to vote Democrat.  But now they are told they are anti-woman and bigots to boot.

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