Running on TV stations today throughout California is an incendiary ad produced by a pro-gay marriage group, Courage Campaign Issues Committee; it depicts Mormons as intolerant crazies.

Two young men, who identify themselves as being from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, knock on the door of two lesbian women announcing that “We are here to take away your rights.” They walk into their house and literally take the “wedding rings” off their fingers, and then proceed to ransack their house looking for their “marriage license.” When they find it, they rip it up in front of them. They walk out saying, “That was too easy, what should we ban next?”

Catholic League president Bill Donohue responded as follows:

“Radical homosexuals have a long history of anti-religious bigotry, so it is not surprising that with a pro-marriage initiative on the ballot in California (Proposition 8 would secure marriage as a right between a man and a woman only), they would resort to gutter tactics. This group is not some fringe operation—it works closely with George Soros’, another organization that has not shied away from bashing people of faith.

“The Catholic League is proud to stand with the California Catholic Conference in condemning this bigotry. Bishop Stephen Blaire, the president of the Catholic group, is right to express his dismay at any media outlet that would air such intolerance. It does not matter that the persons of faith who are demonized in the TV ad are Mormons, not Catholics: What matters is that men and women of any faith who are pro-marriage—and who resist attempts to subvert it by relativizing it—be treated with respect.”

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