Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on a pro-gay film opening in Cincinnati that attacks the Catholic Church:

Those who teach at Catholic, Jewish, and Muslim elementary and secondary schools are expected to abide by the teachings of the three respective religions. Moreover, the parents who pay for their children to attend such schools expect that the administrators will discipline dissident teachers.

In normal times, this observation would be seen as self-evident. Sadly, we live in abnormal times.

There are a few teachers who used to work at Cincinnati Catholic schools who protested one part of their employment contract: the part in question concerned public support for the homosexual lifestyle (the language was later amended substituting “advocacy” for “public support”). The dissident teachers lost in their battle with the Archdiocese of Cincinnati and quit.

If only they would go away. Now they have joined an agit-prop assault on the Catholic Church organized by GLSEN Greater Cincinnati (the acronym stands for Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network).

On March 29 and 30, a documentary that features these teachers and their supporting students will be shown at the Esquire Theater in Cincinnati. A Culture of Silence: Being LGBTQ in Catholic Schools will highlight their experiences—mostly traumatic, we are sure.

What is GLSEN? In 2009, President Obama hired its founder, Kevin Jennings, to a high-level post in the Department of Education dealing with safety and drug issues.

When Jennings was appointed, I noted that he “has a history of promoting homosexual conferences wherein unsafe sex practices are sold to underage kids. He is also a former drug user. As a counselor, he failed to notify the authorities of a sexual encounter between an adult gay man and a high school kid. And not to be outdone, he has a history of bashing Christians.” He was also a member of an urban terrorist group, ACT-UP.

As for the Cincinnati affiliate of GLSEN, it is known for celebrating legislation that awards rights to the sexually confused. To be exact, it applauded an Obama administration ruling that allowed boys who think they are girls and girls who think they are boys to use the bathrooms and locker rooms of the opposite sex. The affiliate was also banned in 2013 from participating in the city’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade; it sought to politicize the event, and has not marched since.

Homosexual activists, as well as militants among the sexually confused, have a libertine agenda, one which is predictably anti-Catholic. Now they have gone the extra mile by enlisting Catholic dissidents to rally behind its documentary.

Who will go to this propaganda film? Almost no one.

Normal guys and gals will be watching NCAA basketball on Friday night at 7:00 p.m., not heading off to the Esquire Theater. The other showing is Saturday at 1:00 p.m. That’s too early for any movie, and in any event this is the opening weekend of major league baseball. The organizers can’t even get this right.

But maybe their target audience doesn’t care about basketball and baseball. They may prove me wrong—they could hit double figures yet.

Contact Traci Bayless the chapter chairman of school engagement:

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