The passion to kill kids in the womb is so strong among some feminists that they will stop at nothing to advance the cause of abortion. Take the website It is staffed by young gals whose idea of being a contemporary woman is to be pansexual, and whose ideology is marked by a wicked hatred of Catholicism.

Exhibit A was recently featured on its homepage: a vile portrayal of Our Blessed Mother, courtesy of a 19 year-old Argentinean woman. It depicted the Virgin Mary, arms stretched in front of her, holding “a naked woman bleeding between her legs.” The inscription in Spanish, which appeared below, read, “Legal[ize] abortion so we don’t die.” They liked it so much they branded it their “Image of the Day.”

Predictably, these gals hate the pope. When Pope Francis opened the door of forgiveness to women who have had an abortion, he was sincerely embraced by Catholics and non-Catholics alike. But to the sex crazies at Feministing, he was demeaning: they declared that abortion is not a “shameful sin”; rather, it is an expression of “social justice.” In other words, each unborn child whose life is snuffed out is a victory for justice. Orwell is validated once again.

We have noted for a long time that most of the sex crazies—the activists, actors, artists, educators, writers, and the like—are imbued with a pathological hatred of the good. This explains their maniacal hatred of Catholicism and their need to defile the Virgin Mary.

It is only fitting that the offices of Feministing are located at the Center for Sex & Culture on Mission Street in San Francisco.

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