Bill Donohue comments on the bigotry that marks the effort to legalize abortion in Ireland:

On the front page of Amnesty International’s website it says, “We campaign for a world where human rights are enjoyed by all.” It is a lie: Human beings not yet born, it argues, have no human rights.

When the organization was founded in 1961, it took no position on abortion. That changed in 2007. Citing issues such as rape, it endorsed decriminalization. Predictably, that didn’t last: just last year it started a new campaign, My Body My Rights: it demands the legalization of unrestricted abortion everywhere on the planet. Now it has launched an all-out assault on Ireland’s Constitution because it protects the unborn.

Amnesty International is not content to make an impassioned case for abortion rights in Ireland. In fact, it has descended into the gutter by igniting a vicious anti-Catholic campaign. To do its dirty work it has hired Irish actor Liam Neeson; he is featured in an obscene video.

Neeson wants Ireland’s Eighth Amendment repealed because it protects the human rights of all humans. The viewer is treated to dark footage of an abandoned church, demagogically accompanied by eerie-sounding music. This tees it up for Neeson to exclaim, “A ghost haunts Ireland.” The ghost, of course, is the Catholic Church, an institution that “blindly brings suffering, even death, to the women whose lives it touches.” That they can’t make their case for killing more kids without fanning the flames of anti-Catholicism speaks volumes.

Neeson was a good choice. A few years ago, while Muslims were raping and beheading Christians, he fell in love with Islam, and almost converted. His attraction to Islam was demonstrated even earlier when he famously claimed that the Narnia series by C.S. Lewis could be interpreted as a statement about Muhammad, and not just Jesus!

Whatever it is that’s haunting Neeson is no excuse for his teaming with Amnesty International to stoke the flames of bigotry.

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