On last night’s episode of “Lopez Tonight” a skit was performed featuring a priest who ran a religious-themed strip club, “Bad Habits.” Among the dancers were two nuns in full habit and an altar boy.
Catholic League president Bill Donohue addressed this show today:
This isn’t the first time George Lopez has gone after the Catholic clergy—last September he maligned gay priests on two occasions for the sexual abuse of minors. However, this time was different: he decided to throw nuns and altar boys into the mix.
The nuns (dressed in full habit, of course) were paraded out prancing around on stage and dancing suggestively; one of them even gave an audience member a lap dance. While watching the nuns dance, the priest announced to the audience that one of the nuns was making him reconsider his vow of celibacy. Is this juvenile display considered humor nowadays? 
Of course Lopez couldn’t just mock nuns; he had to throw in an altar boy. The altar boy entered the stage and removed his garments to reveal his scantily-clad body. This is the type of thing you could expect to hear in an 8th grade class room. 
That a rabbi was featured as one of the dancers matters not. He was sandwiched between two stripping nuns and an altar boy at a club run by a priest. I think it’s pretty clear who Lopez was gunning for. 
Lopez’s humor is more than inane—it is one more example of a comedian who wants to push the envelope at the expense of Catholics.
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