On Wednesday, October 16, at 10:30 a.m., the Catholic League will hold a press conference in front of Sacred Heart School (457 W. 51st Street, between 9th and l0th Avenues) on the movie, Sleepers; joining the conference will be attorneys Bill Callahan and Thon1as Harvey as well as the pastor of Sacred Heart, Rev. Kevin Nelan (Sacred Heart is the school that is implicated in the movie).

 The purpose of the press conference is to expose the movie as a hoax. The Warner Bros. presentation purports to be a tn1e story that is based on the book, Sleepers, written by Lorenzo Carcaterra. In fact, none of the events, which include multiple crimes and a priest who perjured himself, ever happened. We will make our case at the press conference and we encourage those in the media to press Warner Bros. to respond to our charges.

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