mccBill Donohue comments on the latest left-wing attack on the pope: purports to be an abuse watchdog, but in reality its only real agenda is to discredit the Catholic Church. Its latest stab at Pope Francis brings further discredit to its reputation. Indeed, as will be demonstrated, its report on the pope is pure McCarthyism.

Yesterday, it published a report on Pope Francis’ record with priests accused of abuse in Argentina when he was Archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio. The report accuses Bergoglio of not having addressed abusive priests during his tenure as Auxiliary and Archbishop of Buenos Aires (1992-1998 Auxiliary; 1998-2013 Archbishop) or as president of the Argentine Bishops Conference (2005-2011).

The report is so seriously flawed that even a high school dropout could shoot holes in it. To read our analysis of it, click here. The heads of every diocese in the U.S. are being sent a copy of our analysis, along with a statement about our previous research on

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