Colorado lawmaker Gwyn Green has introduced a bill that would lift the statute of limitations on all future cases involving the sexual abuse of children; it would also grant a two-year period that allows those who are currently barred from doing so the chance to file a lawsuit.

Catholic League president Bill Donohue explains what else is going on:

“This has nothing to do with justice—it’s pure politics. Two years ago, similar legislation was proposed that specifically targeted private institutions, giving public institutions a pass. When this was exposed as a witch hunt, the public schools were blanketed with the same legislation. But then the Colorado education establishment saw the handwriting on the wall and effectively killed the bill. For the record, Colorado bishops, led by Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput (as well as the Catholic League), favored the bill as long as it was inclusive of all institutions.

“Now Rep. Green is back, targeting only private institutions again, saying she will introduce another bill that will address public institutions. What a shell game: If there is to be no difference in liability for private and public institutions, then they can be treated equally in the same bill.

“When interviewed, Green likes to boast of her Catholic credentials. Why, then, does she smear her religion? For example, she knows full well that the Colorado bishops have never opposed bills that treated all institutions equally, but that didn’t stop her from issuing this snotty remark last month: ‘I think it’s really ironic that the leaders of a church that profess to follow Jesus would be working against the protection of children.’ She has yet to apologize for this blatant lie.

“Finally, we know of few Catholic lawmakers—in any state—who have earned a 100% score from Planned Parenthood. Green has. Indeed, it is the only endorsement she has highlighted on her website! This, along with her endorsement by NARAL Pro-Choice, undercuts her purported commitment to the welfare of children. We’re contacting Colorado lawmakers asking them to nix Green’s politicized effort.”

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