“Life, What a Beautiful Choice.” Question: Who wants to ban this innocent message? Answer: Cherry Hill, New Jersey’s Courier-Post.

The censors at the Courier-Post were upset to learn that Our Lady of Good Counsel Church had put this message on a banner and hung it across the street. There is a municipal ordinance that says that banners posted on public property must advertise or be related to an actual event, and in the end the church had to remove the banner because of this ruling. But this was not the reason why the Courier-Post was so angry. “While for some people the pro-life slogan is indeed a personal belief,” the editorial said, “it is also a nationally advertised, partisan political catch phrase.”

Msgr. James McGovern, pastor of the church, drew the hypocrisy out of the Courier-Post when he pointed out that no one had complained about a banner that read, “Do a Random Act of Kindness Every Day.” According to the bright lights at the newspaper, that banner was “erected in conjunction with national Random Acts of Kindness Week” and therefore “does not take a political stance.”

Now do you understand all this? “Life, What a Beautiful Choice” is a slogan that cannot be tolerated—must in fact be censored—because its message is political. But “Do a Random Act of Kindness Every Day” is not political and therefore should be allowed. Now if you can figure this out, maybe you can work for the Courier-Post.

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