Bill Donohue comments on the “Do No Harm Act”:

Two days ago, Rep. Joseph Kennedy III and Rep. Bobby Scott introduced the “Do No Harm Act.” It is designed to gut the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) that ensures First Amendment religious liberty protections for all Americans.

Why would any congressman want to undermine religious liberty? Bathrooms and showers. Yes, these two places are now in the sights of homosexual activists and their ilk. Their agenda has led them, in short order, from the altar to the john.

Religious liberty was so popular in 1993 that Rep. Chuck Schumer (now a senator) and Sen. Ted Kennedy introduced RFRA, and President Bill Clinton signed it. Even the ACLU loved the bill. But now liberals hate it.

What broke? Kennedy and Scott, and the ACLU, say that RFRA (and laws like it in the states) has been “misconstrued,” and is being used against men who feel they’re a woman, and vice versa. The logic is not easy to follow, but I’ll give it my best shot.

Once upon a time, men thought they were men and women thought they were women, but not today: some are confused. Stay with me, please.

Some of the confused want to use bathrooms that belong to the opposite sex, but since they feel they belong to the opposite sex, they want to use those facilities. They would also like to shower with those of the opposite sex—why not?—or with those of the sex they feel they belong to. We’re almost there.

What does this have to do with RFRA? Religious institutions, under RFRA, can claim to be exempt from laws that would force them to accommodate the confused. Which is why those who have targeted the johns are pushing for the new law.

“Keep your feelings to yourself” never made more sense.

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