As it does every Christmas season, Planned Parenthood e-mails its supporters a Christmas card titled, “Choice on Earth.” This year it has an accompanying video on “Moments that inspired us in 2007.” One of the highlights of the year is the opening of a new clinic in Aurora, Illinois.

Catholic League president Bill Donohue ripped into this today:

“Planned Parenthood says it stands for choice. So do serial killers and rapists. Jeffrey Dahmer believed in choice as well. Choice, of course, carries no moral quotient by itself—it must have an object. And the object of choice that Planned Parenthood prizes is killing kids in utero. But to admit this is to admit to a moral monstrosity. Which explains why it prefers to talk about a woman’s ‘right to choose,’ without ever finishing the sentence.

“The introductory statement to the video that is found on its website says, ‘It’s been quite a year for Planned Parenthood and the women, men and families that we serve.’ Notice that they didn’t mention women, men and children. That’s because the kids are a problem.

“But not just any kids. The kids of white people are not a problem—it’s the kids of minorities that exercise Planned Parenthood. Founded for racist reasons—African Americans were the original problem—Planned Parenthood has now evolved into fixing another problem: Latinos. That’s why it set up its spanking new clinic in Aurora, a town that is heavily Latino.

“If Planned Parenthood needs to rip off some special day in the calendar in order to sell its sick message, let it pick some day other than Christmas. We recommend Day of the Dead.”

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