Planned Parenthood Golden Gate (PPGG) released a “Safe is Sexy” television advertisement in April that features a young couple being interrupted from having unprotected sex by their Guardian Angels.

The ad, slated to appear on MTV, VH1 and FX, shows a sloppy-looking male angel eating popcorn at the head of the bed watching in delight. Then a female angel appears, imploring the male angel to do something. He accesses a TV remote and rewinds the scene of the couple in bed. This time the woman asks her male partner if he has any protection, to which he exclaims, “Yeah, of course.” She responds, “Amen!”

Given the moral hollowness of Planned Parenthood, it was not surprising to learn that it was now in the business of hijacking religious imagery to pander its sex-without-consequences message. But as with PETA before it, the anti-natal salesmen will find that the faithful will tune them out.

 Ironically, while PPGG was ripping off Guardian Angels, the California chapter of Planned Parenthood was lobbying to defeat the “Missing Angels Act.” This bill, which has been pushed by women who have experienced stillbirth, would require a certificate of birth when this occurs. Currently, all states are required to issue a death certificate for a stillbirth; they also require the family to bury or cremate the baby.

But as Joanne Cacciatore, who is in charge of the Missing Angels Foundation, has said, “How in the world do states ethically justify telling someone they have to bury someone who they are not willing to say existed?”

What really galls Planned Parenthood is the fear that the bill would clearly help the pro-life movement by acknowledging the humanity of the unborn child; the bill says the fetus must have advanced past 20 weeks of gestation.

 It looks like the only kinds of angels that Planned Parenthood wants to affirm are those that promote its deadly agenda. Planned Parenthood is to religion what matricide is to Mother’s Day.

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