Sothebys2Bill Donohue comments on Thursday’s auction of “Piss Christ”:

On May 15, Sotheby’s will auction the Andres Serrano masterpiece, “Piss Christ,” at 9:30 a.m. The taxpayers were forced to fund this “art” in 1987 to the tune of $15,000; it was supported by the National Endowment for the Arts. “Piss Christ” is Serrano’s primary contribution to Western Civilization: he urinated in a jar with a crucifix.

Serrano claims that Christians who complain about “Piss Christ” do not understand that he never intended to insult them. Perhaps it was meant as a “love letter.” No matter, there is no record of him defecating in a jar with a statue of Muhammad. Or a picture of his mother. Perhaps he loves them less.

Sotheby’s is a perfect place to auction “Piss Christ.” In 2005, a print garnered $42,000. In 2009, it netted $146,500. In 2011, it went for $50,000. The one on May 15 is expected to go for $100,000 to $150,000. Christie’s sold one for $105,000 in 2000, and in 2011 another went for $314,500.

The Catholic League will not make a bid. But we are interested in interviewing the sucker who buys it. If you know who the lout is, please have him give us a call.

Contact Sotheby’s Press Officer Dan Abernethy:

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