Pier 1 imports has announced that it regrets having advertised on the ABC show, “Nothing Sacred,” on November 6.  “As you might imagine,” said a spokeswoman for the company, “we received numerous phone calls and e-mails from Pier 1 customers who were not pleased with us being associated with this program.” That is why, the statement continues, “we pulled all future advertising from this show due to the sensitive and controversial subject matter that it portrays.”

Pier 1 is the 26th company to stop advertising on “Nothing Sacred.”  Those who have already pulled are: Isuzu, Weight Watchers, K-Mart, Benckiser, DuPont, Red Lobster, Ocean Spray, Sears, Glaxo Wellcome, Ponderosa, Dunkin’ Donuts, Scott’s Liquid Gold, Chrysler-Plymouth, Honda, Arm & Hammer, Home Depot, Borden, Alberto Culver, Montgomery Ward, Ovaltine, Dairy Queen, Mutual of Omaha, Telecom*USA, Cigna and McCormick.

William Donohue had these thoughts on the latest company to drop the show:

“Pier 1 is liked by millions of Americans for its unique line of merchandise.  After this much appreciated statement, consumers have more reason than ever to patronize this popular chain of stores.

“The Catholic League’s boycott of the sponsors of ‘Nothing Sacred’ has paid off handsomely. As evidence of our success, no show on prime time TV depends on more (800) numbers to keep it afloat than this one.  In addition, no show leans so heavily on promotional spots from the network as does this one.

“So who cares that ABC is committed to a full-season of 22 episodes? We’ve stood our ground all along and have no intention of changing course.  By the time we’re finished with them, they’ll be bringing on the (900) numbers.”

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