When we learned that the New York State English Council was featuring Terrence McNally at one of its events, Bill Donohue took the time to look over the brochure and write the organizer a letter. Here is the text of his letter to Donna Meister:

“I noticed that on October 22, Terrence McNally will be featured at the Mersand Luncheon. I also noticed that among the Programs of Excellence, NYSEC has recognized the “Prejudice Reduction” work of Bayshore High School. This raises an interesting question: Why would an organization that quite properly awards efforts at prejudice reduction want to feature a playwright whose latest work (‘Corpus Christi’) bears all the marks of a unrelenting bigot? Unless, of course, NYSEC doesn’t regard bigotry vented against Christians as prejudice.

“I’d enjoy hearing a response from you.”

We haven’t gotten a response, nor do we think we’ll get one.  Some things just can’t be defended.

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