Sixty-and-Me-Book-Club-Philomena-420x215Bill Donohue comments on a movie that has been nominated for four Oscars:

Owing to many false impressions about Catholicism that have been generated by the movie, “Philomena,” I decided to write an extensive review of the film, and the book upon which it is based.

The film and the book maintain that cruel Irish nuns stole Philomena’s baby in 1952 and sold him to “the highest bidder.” In reality, Philomena’s widowed father found the nuns—the only persons willing to accept the teenager’s out-of-wedlock baby—and they subsequently found a home for him in the United States; no fee was charged.

The film and the book also maintain that Philomena went to the United States to find her son, but this is patently untrue: she never set foot in America looking for him.

Copies of my analysis of the controversy surrounding “Philomena” are being sent to the bishops, many in the media (in the United States, England and Ireland), those in the entertainment business, various Irish organizations, and friends of the Catholic League.

To download a copy of it, click here.

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