An advertisement that was recently run in the Philadelphia Inquirer shows how bold the bigots have become. The following ad was placed in the A section of the newspaper on October 5:

Legal Counsel To

Printed below the headline was the contact information. The law firm is Eisenberg, Rothweiler, Schleifer, Weinstein & Winkler.

The law firm, which is one of those infamous slip-and-fall types, is shameless. So is the Philadelphia Inquirer for running the ad. It is not likely that it would run an ad asking public school students who have been sexually abused by their teachers to contact them. But when it comes to priests, the usual ethical precepts no longer apply.

In our news release on this subject, we said: “Because a tiny minority of Catholic priests have molested young persons, anti-Catholic bigots are having a field day: they think they’ve been given a green light to bash Catholicism. Those who seek to exploit the scandal usually do so for ideological reasons, but there are others who are driven by greed.”

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