Philadelphia District Attorney Lynne Abraham released a grand jury report today on cases of alleged sexual abuse by priests in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.  Commenting on the report is Catholic League president William Donohue:

“The incredible amount of time and money that Philadelphia District Attorney Lynne Abraham has wasted in her fanatical crusade against the Archdiocese of Philadelphia is just cause for her being thrown out of office.  After all is said and done, she has come up empty: not a single priest will be prosecuted for any alleged crime.  And she knew this from the get-go: the report says that ‘much of the abuse goes back several decades’ and that ‘many of the victims were unnamed, unavailable or unable to come forward.’

“In other words, Abraham wants us to believe that many years ago (decades ago?) there were priests who molested kids she can’t identify.  Other alleged victims moved away and can’t be found (perhaps they’re hiding from her).  Still others are apparently too old to meet with her.

“At bottom, Abraham is a phony.  From the beginning, she had absolutely no evidence that would lead her to conduct a massive taxpayer-funded investigation of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia while not similarly investigating ministers, rabbis, public school teachers, abortion counselors, et al.  But all of them got a pass nonetheless.  Worse, Abraham has the gall to say she wants to tighten the Pennsylvania Child Protective Services Law yet never states that abortion counselors should be added to the ‘Mandated Reporters’ list.  And that’s because her friends at Planned Parenthood would then have to report cases of statutory rape.

“Some will say she is heroic simply because she successfully named some priests who apparently were molesters.  But it is not an act of heroism to select one institution out of many for an investigation that was destined to fail.  It’s an act of exploitation.”

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